Danny Reyes

Founder and President of Red Eye Films & Entertainment, Danny Reyes a former basketball player puts to use what he learned in the game to approach each of his life tasks and goals.  Few of us are blessed with knowing exactly it is we want to be and are born to do.  Danny Reyes is one of those individuals who realized very early on his love of basketball and how he was born to play the game. Danny, born in Puerto Rico and raised in Staten Island, New York began playing basketball at the age of 8.  Introduced to the sport by family friend Ralph Menar, who later took on the role of Danny’s mentor.   Danny excelled at the sport that came naturally to him.  He played throughout all of his school years wining championships, honors and scholarships to top private schools and universities.  His dreams of playing Professional were inevitable to happen.

Dreams of Basketball Stardom Interrupted

 During the spring of 1998 Danny’s life took an unexpected turn that would change his life forever.  On his way to a basketball talent showcase in North Carolina University along with 3 of his friends who also played basketball, their van was stopped by 2 N.J. State Troopers who unprovoked, fired 13 shots into their van severely wounding the 4 young men. Danny who sat in the passenger seat received 6 of those 13 bullets, 2 shattered his right arm while one still remains lodged in his stomach. Danny Reyes was a burgeoning collegebasketball star when he set off on a road trip in a rented minivan with Jarmaine Grant, Keshon Moore, and Rayshawn Brown. They were intending to go from New York to North Carolina to a basketball talent showcase, where college recruiters would see their skills. They never made it past Exit 7A on the New Jersey Turnpike. The fight had just begun for Danny and his friends. Enlisting the help of attorney’s Johnnie Cochran, Peter Neufeld, David Ironman and Barry Scheck, the boys fought for justice. Together they broke open one of the largest racial profiling cases in American history. In an epic story that stretches all the way to Washington DC and involves such prominent individuals as Christie Todd WhitmanJohnnie Cochran, and Al SharptonThe Jersey 4 story is the personal tale that makes the events so remarkable. The shooting brought the four young men together; forever connected by memories of the horrible event. Since the incident the Jersey 4 boys have all become active in the fight for civil rights, continuing to support the Reverend Al Sharpton in rallies, appearing in the United Nations to speak about Racial Profiling and going on Media shows like Montel Williams, Quiet Frankly as well as local youth organizations to speak to the youth not only about racial tensions but on doing well in school and working hard to achieve their goals. Danny Reyes production Company is producing the Feature Film Jersey 4 & is working to distribute the finish Documentary Film 4Chosen base on the boys Racial Profiling incident. Although dreams of becoming a Basketball Pro no longer existed as an option for Mr. Reyes, this extraordinary, relentless individual has never let the hurdles of life’s challenges divert him from his path to success. He admits to never taking pain medication for the sometimes-excruciating pain he feels from his right arm almost severed by the bullets, “The pain in my arm is a constant reminder for me to stay focus and to never give up, to never stop reaching towards my highest potential”. Forming Red Eye Entertainment in 2001 specializing in urban entertainment was a form of therapy that he used to turn negative into positive.  Currently Red Eye has expanded into the realm of Music, Films and Sports.  Red Eye works Marketing for corporate Brands and connects the dots, creating meaningful experiences for our partners amongst a diverse set of trendsetters that support our Multi-Cultural Events in the realm of Liquor Tastings, Films and Sports to the ultimate consumers - to define these brands in mainstream culture. Mr. Reyes has continue to have a hand in the game of basketball that he loves as a part owner of a professional Basketball team in Puerto Rico and also owns Red Eye Streetballers, a street basketball team of players who specialize in unique ball handling skills and tricks.  Red Eye Streetballers have successfully toured within the U.S. and Caribbean gaining a vast amount of popularity. Danny & the Jesrsey 4 have also worked & run basketball kids clinics & plan on expanding the clinic into an annual camp under their Jersey 4 non for profit organization. Mr. Reyes latest addition to his growing empire is Film production. Red Eye Films is the co-production Company and Danny Reyes is the executive Producer in the Documentary Film 4Chosen. The Documentary is based on his life particularly, the tragic event that ended his basketball career. Red Eye Films Is in Production of the Documentary Film "Fred Bisci” Your Journey to a Healthy Lifestyle ( Big D. Reyes is the top producer and director of Red Eye Films and works together with a coalition of experience directors, camera personal and editors to produce a quality product

Giving Back  

Interested in creating a life legacy that shows a man striving to make a positive difference in society, Danny has always made it his business to give back.  Through non-for profit organizations Red Eye has sponsored charity basketball Camps & games benefiting Inner city youths basketball, Urban programs Toys for Tots NYC Housing during Christmas and Codeco Puerto Rico fundraiser to benefit youth sport programs in Puerto Rico. Danny Reyes with his Company Red Eye is the owner of the two Franchise Barber Shop’s “Against Da Grain” “ADG” on Staten Island NY, and for Black History Month Celebrations was awarded by Senator Diane J. Savino the Community Business Leadership Award for its community work on Staten Island. By taking part in so many things, Red Eye Entertainment, with its grass roots approach, is able to play a more active role in the creation of culture. There has been a degree of success so far, and there is sure to be more in the future. Red Eye’s homegrown business attitude- reflected in the way it manages its entities, brings creative individuals together for project ideas, and conducts community outreach events to better the less fortunate. “Integrity, teamwork, discipline, leadership and accountability were valuable lessons I learned from playing basketball, these are also the tools that I utilize and live by within my personal and business life”

Some of the Media that Danny Reyes has appeared in

 Live interviews/Appearances:

  • Danny Reyes & Jarmaine Grant spoke at the UN General Assembly about Racial Profiling – 3/16/06
  • Montel Williams Show  8/06 and 11/06
  • MSG Live from the Play-by-Play - 3/21/06
  • ESPN’s Cold Pizza - 4/5/06
  • Ed Gordon Show BET June 2003

Radio interviews:

  • SIRIUS Satellite Radio Tour – 3/21/06
  • Elvis Show - 4/27/06

Newspaper/Magazine interviews:

  • "The Black Dragon”, Racial Profiling book written by Joseph Collum – 9/15/10
  • New York Daily News – Rush & Molloy – 4/6/06
  • New York Daily News two page spread – 4/16/06
  • NY Post, Star Ledger,
  • The Record
  • Jet Magazine 1998
  • Vibe Magazine 1999
  • Sports Illustrated – June 2000